Rolfs Salon Celebrates and Cherishes our Community

Rolf Lohse has made it his lifelong practice of giving back to not only his employees and client base, but also to the community as a whole. Intelligent, modern business demands a high level of social awareness and responsibility. There are many ways for us to celebrate beauty, many ways to be beautiful on earth. We each need to do what we can in our own way.


Rolfs Salon has always been about community—listening to, supporting and celebrating our local clients and colleagues. Coming from a family of German designers, Rolf has installed a sense of elegance and beauty in his company far beyond the normal market place. Style isn’t about showing-off, it’s really about having fun and celebrating life. Here are some of the ways we celebrate life and our position and responsibility in the Arizona community.


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Level 1 or Level 4?

Our stylist’s attend the most intense, continuing education system in the salon industry. Even our Level 1 stylists have mastered and ‘tested-out’ on all techniques including a minimum of 1-2 years of mentored floor experience. Find a stylist that is right for you through our Talent Profiles!

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Fresh Look Makeover

A Rolf stylist is trained to look at each client with fresh eyes on every single visit. While some clients enjoy the same style, others crave a new approach. In either case, ask your stylist to re-evaluate and re-design your look—from the beginning, each time you visit. Enjoy a new idea and a new perspective.

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