Rolf and his talented group of stylists have been a guiding voice for thousands of women in Arizona for more than 20 years through his incredible transformations, touching stories and easy to follow beauty tips most noticeably aired on Channel 3's Good Morning Arizona. He is plugged into every awards show, fashion event to bring all the latest trends from Hollywood and beyond to the Valley.

Our very own resident beauty guru, Rolf, is on a new mission. Rolf will be taking several lucky individuals from drab to fab while addressing the most common or puzzling beauty questions. Are you or is someone you know ready for a beauty transformation? Submit your 30-second video telling us why you or someone you know needs rescuing. Rolf may be showing up on your doorstep with his glam squad to take your look to a whole new level. Please limit your video to 30 seconds.

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blushing beauty

Before the invention of blush, women used to pinch their cheeks to get that rosy glow. Though you can now avoid such pain, comparing a blush to the color of your pinched cheeks can help you find one that's the perfect match for your skin.

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Do Blondes Really Have It Better?

Blondes (natural blondes, that is) tend to have about 140,000 hairs on their heads. Brunettes average about 110,000, while people with black hair have about 108,000. Redheads have the least, with only about 80,000 hairs on average.

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