Swimwear for Every Size

It’s that time of year again and we are gearing up to shop for the most dreadful item since bras, swimwear. To ease the pain of long trips to department stores and Scottsdale boutiques trying on countless numbers of suits only to go home empty-handed and disappointed, we have put together a foolproof guide to shopping for your body’s shape (not fruit style) this season.


There are many ways to compliment this body shape as proven by curvy ladies like Beyonce. A triangle shape is best defined by a smaller bust and waist in proportion to the hips and thighs.

The best bikini for you: Bikinis or one-pieces with eye-catching tops and darker bottoms that draw attention away from the hips and rear.

Avoid: Side-stringed bottoms and printed bottoms will focus too much attention on areas you most want to conceal.

Your bikini body doubles: Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce

TIP: If you are a triangle and want to hide your hips and thighs, go for skirted suits, strapless styles and swimdresses that cover up your lower half but still keep you looking sexy and slim.


Pounds don’t tend to stick to this shape. Best known for their athletic and slender frame, rectangular bodies tend to be lanky with small busts and minimal curves.

The best bikini for you: One-piece cutout suits and padded string bikinis create curves.

Avoid: Bandeau-style tops (think of the shocking pictures of Nicole Richie a few years ago) and dark-colored styles, as they destroy curves.

Your bikini body doubles: Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth

TIP: Vertical stripes will only make your figure look straighter. Also, if you have a small bust, buy a bathing suit that creates cleavage with underwire and padding.

Inverted Triangle:

Inverted triangle body shapes tend to have broad shoulders, wide torsos and large busts with narrow hips and slim legs. Don't be afraid to show off your bust - many women pay big bucks for a look like yours!

Avoid: Strapless bandeaus and triangle bikini tops that offer little or no support.

The best bikini for you: Halter styles and suits with structure in the bust area provide the lift and support this body type needs.

Your bikini body doubles: Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore

TIP: Tankinis and halters with higher necklines are ideal for large busts. Stay away from unsupportive bathing suits like triangle bikinis which can cause your bust to look saggy.


Ah… the lucky ones. Regarded as the “ideal feminine form,” this body type can work with just about any classic-styled bathing suit. Women with this body type have very narrow waists and their hips and busts are in proportion to one another.

The best bikini for you: The standard bikini will help to enhance your great figure.

Avoid: Swimwear that is too small. With your curves, too tiny swimwear can look vulgar.

Your bikini body doubles: Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet

TIP: If you have a larger bust, we recommend looking for halter tops, fitted tankinis, or full bikini tops to keep you from looking too Pam Anderson. For those with small busts, try a padded bikini or underwire top to enhance your hourglass figure.


If you have an oval body shape, embrace swimwear shopping for your body because there are many bathing suits that will flatter your look. Women with this body type are full-figured with relatively undefined waistlines, wide hips and full thighs.

The best bikini for you: One-pieces with side shirring, ruching or built-in control panels will give a slimming shape to your body.

Avoid: Swim styles that cut across the body horizontally and two pieces with bottoms that dig into the stomach area.

Your bikini body doubles: Jennifer Hudson, Adele

TIP: When shopping, keep in mind that florals, prints, and stripes can camouflage a tummy.

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