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Dear Value Clients,
In order to better serve our clients we are upgrading our technology systems. Due to this reason, we are unable to answer your calls until early afternoon.

You are welcome to request your appointment via this web site and we will gladly take care of your service requirements.

We thank you for your patience and do apologize for any inconvenience.

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Hair Treatments
  • Conditioning Treatments + Call
    Pricing by consultation.
  • Special Services
  • Kerastase Express In-Salon Ritual + 40.00
    A luxurious treatment to unleash your hairs beauty and shine.
  • Kerastase Deluxe In-Salon Ritual + 50.00
    The combination of a luxurious concentrated masque and expert massage allows for product penetration and 15 minutes of indulgent bliss.
Beauty & Radiance Unleashed
To achieve and maintain healthy, shiny, and fabulous hair, treatments are a necessary indulgence. Our specialists select a personalized treatment for each client and use the most effective, luxurious hair products to target specific concerns and unleash hair’s natural beauty. Rolfs treatments combine innovative conditioners, concentrated masques and expert massage for a truly sensorial and relaxing experience.