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An Important Message:

Dear Value Clients,
In order to better serve our clients we are upgrading our technology systems. Due to this reason, we are unable to answer your calls until early afternoon.

You are welcome to request your appointment via this web site and we will gladly take care of your service requirements.

We thank you for your patience and do apologize for any inconvenience.

About Rolfs
  • 2014 - Rolfs Euro salon concept opens at Dana Park location
  • 2013 - Gainey Ranch flagship salon redesign in Scottsdale
  • - 25th Anniversary gala at the Ritz Carlton
  • 2012 - Named top salon in AZ by BE! Entertainment Network
  • 2011 - Foothills Salon redesign completed
  • - Co-sponsors Debbie Gaby’s Celebrity Catwalk
  • 2010 - Celebrates 20 years as a television celebrity on Channel 3
  • 2009 - Iqonic Defy anti-aging skin care line introduced in Phoenix
  • 2008 - Launches Rolf Lohse Global
  • - Host Bruce Willis, Paris Hilton, 50 Cent at the Super Bowl
  • 2007 - Sold out Scottsdale Fashion Week show 2nd year in a row
  • - Launches Advanced Training Academy
  • 2006 - 20,000 clients served per month
  • 2005 - Appears on MTV Series True Life: I Want a Famous Face
  • 2004 - Rolf is offered television series at Warner Bros.
  • 2003 - 15,000 clients served per month
  • - Rolfs Dana Park Salon opens
  • 2002 - Rolfs Arrowhead salon opens
  • - Rolfs anchors Women’s Expo for 15th consecutive year
  • 2001 - Grand Opening of the Gainey Village flagship salon
  • 2000 - Rolfs named the busiest salon in the United States
  • - Rolfs Foothills salon opens
  • 1999 - In-house training academy launched
  • 1998 - Rolfs Channel 3 segment is one of the highest rated
  • 1997 - Rolf is a CNN guest correspondent at the Academy Awards
  • 1996 - Rolf reports on the Oscars for Channel 3 from the Red Carpet
  • 1995 - Rolfs is named top salon in Phoenix in Business Journal
  • 1995 - Rolfs hosts celebrity fashion show in Scottsdale
  • 1994 - Rolfs named best salon in Arizona Republic
  • 1993 - Cindy Crawford and Margaret Thatcher become clients
  • 1992 - Styling 40 clients per day and booked 6 months in advance
  • 1991 - Rolfs named best salon in Arizona Magazine
  • 1990 - Rolf becomes beauty and fashion spokesman for Channel 3
  • 1989 - Rolf opens his first salon in the Biltmore
  • A vision of beauty...

    At Rolfs, our goal was to create a company that provides clients with the best possible styling and services - where under one roof, a client can go to any stylist or beautician to receive consistently exceptional care.

    Innovation is at the core of our philosophy. We want our clients to have the best the world has to offer, the latest trends, finest products, and most luxurious experiences. “We have always envisioned the company as a platform to take risks, be innovative, and inspire the beauty industry. We get our inspiration from global influences and never compromise on quality. We believe in quality, not quantity. Our quality standards show in the rigorous and continuous education of the stylists, the individualized service we provide, our relationships with our clients, and the consistency of beautiful and exceptional results.”

    Building on core values of teamwork, excellence and commitment to education, our brand’s mission continues to be focused on providing clients with the best experience possible. With our new salon designs, we set the tone and created an ambiance that ensures each client is the main focus once they walk through the door.

    Beauty salons are sanctuaries where clients come to relax, reinvigorate, and reinvent themselves. There is no greater feeling than to see a client enjoy a wonderful experience and walk out the door feeling relaxed, confident and looking beautiful.

    “Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

    Rolf, the founder of Rolfs salon and Rolfs Global, began his journey in Hamburg, Germany, one of Europe’s most prominent centers for commerce and art. His unique personality reflects a no-nonsense approach to life, a perpetually evolving sense of style and fashion, combined with remarkable wit and charm. With over two decades of local, national and international television appearances, and as a global beauty guru and true celebrity, Rolf remains a leading innovator, always elevating beauty industry standards.

    Rolfs was awarded the busiest and most successful beauty salon in the U.S., serving countless movie stars, supermodels, politicians and other celebrities. However, what brings Rolf the greatest joy is celebrating women of all walks of life. Rolf believes every woman is a celebrity and deserves to be recognized and treated with utmost respect.

    “Women are gorgeous, stylish and confident. They are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and girlfriends. They have different jobs, come in all shapes and sizes - are playful, dramatic, serene, classic, timeless, rock-and-roll. They contribute to our world in so many different ways and they inspire us with their inner strength, wisdom and courage. The whole purpose of my business – my life – is to give women the opportunity to look and feel gorgeous. When you look great it affects everything. Women are the backbone of our world.”